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Brigl & Bergmeister promoting sustainability


Brigl & Bergmeister promoting sustainability

Austrian-based woodfree label paper manufacturer Brigl & Bergmeister is promoting its sustainability. It has commissioned 2 independent reports into its carbon footprint and has also released the latest version of its BrandNews publication which focuses on environmental issues. This is available as a PDF or printed version from Papico.

B&B has always been a mill committed to protecting and promoting the environment and is working very intensively now to inform customers and end users of the sustainability of label paper, especially in comparison with its greatest competitor: plastic.

Brigl commissioned plenum,a spin-off from the Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development (OIN), to investigate the relative environmental costs and benefits of labels made from paper and from OPP film. In response to requests from UK retailers B&B then arranged for the plenum report to be cross-checked by PIRA / Intertek and compared with WRAP / Courtauld II and EcoInvent data to produce figures for carbon footprint and usage of non-renewable resources.

The reports highlight that on a gram for gram basis paper from B&B has a carbon footprint approx. 70% lower than polypropylene and a resource depletion level more than 80% lower than plastic. The reports are available as PDF, slideshows or printed from Papico.

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