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Lenzing awarded WWF environmental honours & growing sales of Recycled Copier


Lenzing are increasing production of recycled A4 and A3 copier paper, across a range of specifications, including offering different whiteness values, varying levels of recycled content and diverse sources of recycled material.

This is targeted in particular at deliveries to the UK as this represents the majority of the usage of recycled copy paper in the EU.

This follows Lenzing’s success in being recognised as the papermill with the most positive environmental impact one of only a handful of paper mills to be given the highest honours in the WWF Check Your Paper (CYP) rating scheme. The database is open and transparent to the public and can be accessed at

As well as receiving a higher rating than any other mill on the scheme, 97%, Lenzing were one of only a handful of paper mills to be given the highest honours: the maximum 5 stars in each of the 3 relevant categories (Forest, Climate and Water performance) as well as the overall Total Rating of “Excellent: These products are environmental forerunners in the market, and highly recommended by WWF”.

According to WWF, “CYP is an updated version of the previously launched WWF Paper Scorecard and it is presented as an on-line paper rating scheme where paper producers, merchants and other distributors can input data, and pulp and paper buyers can search for products in the following categories: uncoated, coated, newsprint, tissue, packaging, specialty and pulp.”

CYP focuses on a limited number of major impacts related to the health and vitality of humans and ecosystems, including forest impacts through wood harvesting, greenhouse gas emissions, water pollutants and waste.

These impacts have been combined into a single "one-size-fits-all" measure that can be used to rate all paper grades. The subjectivity inevitably involved in the selection and weighting of impacts has been kept to a minimum by using a simple and transparent structure. Each impact is allocated a maximum of either 10 or 20 points, adding up to a maximum potential 100 points. The total rating is shown as a percentage figure and according to WWF this illustrates the total environmental impact of the product.

If you’d like to see what WWF say about Lenzing’s papers, or check your paper’s credentials and performance against ours, please visit

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