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John Bray joins Papico

John Bray joins Papico


After the announcement from Robert Horne at the end of 2011 that it was closing its regional sales offices, Papico saw an opportunity to employ someone with a good knowledge of the paper industry from the side of the merchant.

Director, David Bramhill, said it makes sense to take on such a well known, well liked and experienced inside salesman.

John joined Papico at the beginning of March and is already making his mark and has quickly become a well integrated member of the team.

John is already extending the business which Papico supply to UK customers from Lenzing (recycled offset and copier), Goricane (Woodfree coated), Oria (Woodfree Offset) and Clariana (Tints).

John can be contacted on the Papico office number +44 (0) 1977 605 360 or by email

Lenzing awarded WWF environmental honours & growing sales of Recycled Copier


Lenzing are increasing production of recycled A4 and A3 copier paper, across a range of specifications, including offering different whiteness values, varying levels of recycled content and diverse sources of recycled material. This is targeted in particular at deliveries to the UK as this represents the majority of the usage of recycled copy paper in the EU.

This follows Lenzing’s success in being recognised as the papermill with the most positive environmental impact one of only a handful of paper mills to be given the highest honours in the WWF Check Your Paper (CYP) rating scheme. The database is open and transparent to the public and can be accessed at

For more details, please click on the article title, above.

Lenzing begins C4G scheme to recycle siliconised self-adhesive liner material


LENZING PAPIER GmbH in Austria invests in recycling capacity of release liner waste.

Investment at Lenzing Papier improves process capabilities and allows use of larger volumes of silicone coated waste papers in production of recycled speciality papers.

This material has traditionally been difficult to remove in an ethical way as it was only generally useful for thermal recyling (burning) or sending to landfill.

This system allows Lenzing to collect used liner material from self-adhesive processing companies and to recycle it into very high quality paper for graphical and siliconising applications.

Paper is GREEN


Please don’t be alarmed or feel guilty: it's OK to print this web page.

Paper is a biodegradable, compostable, renewable, sustainable product made from trees. Growing and harvesting trees provides jobs for millions of men and women.

Working forests are good for the environment, providing clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat and carbon storage. For facts and figures on how green paper is, click the news item title above.

Brigl & Bergmeister taken over by ROXCEL Group


The Vienna-based multinational paper trading company Roxcel Group has signed an agreement on Thursday 19th May 2011 to purchase the paper manufacturer Brigl & Bergmeister and Vevce from the Prinzhorn Group, taking over complete ownership.

As a fellow long-term sales partner of B&B, Roxcel is well known to us and presents no concern for the future, either of the B&B mills or for Papico’s representation of them in the UK and Ireland.

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Brigl & Bergmeister promoting sustainability

Brigl & Bergmeister promoting sustainability


Austrian-based woodfree label paper manufacturer Brigl & Bergmeister is promoting its sustainability. It has commissioned 2 independent reports into its carbon footprint and has also released the latest version of its BrandNews publication which focuses on environmental issues.

Press Release 8/4/2015 - PaperlinX Administration - Amadeus / Revive


Amadeus 100% Recycled Offset– the natural replacement for Revive

Papico, as UK agents for Lenzing Papier, have been loyal suppliers to PaperlinX for many years. Working with the Austrian paper mill, Lenzing Papier, Papico helped Robert Horne establish the Revive uncoated recycled brand. Revive became a household name and is well used and respected by many major printers and end users.

New part-recycled Blue Back Poster paper


Lenzing Papier have added a 50% recycled fibre version to their popular range of blue back poster papers. Lenza Affiche Blue Offset FSC and Lenza Affiche Blue Digital FSC are produced using 50% FSC Virgin fibre and 50% Recycled fibre. Lenzing Papier’s poster papers are available in sheets and reels through their exclusive agent in the UK, Papico Ltd.

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