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Papico has over 150 individual items available across many product areas; graphics, flexible packing and digital to name just a few.

FSC certified

Gascogne Flexible

Gascogne Laminates

Gummed paper converter

Coating Machine widths – 1290mm, 1380mm, 1400mm and 1530mm

Gascogne Flexible are a major French paper converter and Papico are UK agents for their range of graphic gummed paper.

This is a key market for Gascogne Flexible. Their products include coated stamp base, self adhesive, bin liner banding and conventional gummed papers, both white and tints.

Special properties on certain qualities include Laser Guaranteed, suitability for printing on the gummed side, remain flat in humid conditions. All of their products are available in either reels or sheets.

Market areas include postage stamps, fiscal stamps, stickers, decorative labels, box labelling/sealing, bin liner banding.