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Our portfolio of mills covers many different market areas in graphics, flexible packaging and technical applications.

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Papico has over 150 individual items available across many product areas; graphics, flexible packing, digital and many more. These include one side coated and uncoated for wet glue labels; matt coated; 100% recycled papers and boards; cut sizes in white and tints, virgin and recycled fibres; web offset and sheet fed offset qualities; coated and uncoated papers suitable for high speed inkjet; MGBK; grease resistant papers; PE coated papers, sack krafts and boards; and many other grades.

  • Digital Printing Products

    We offer a range of coated and uncoated papers suitable for inkjet, laser, liquid and dry toner.
  • Direct Mail Papers

    Papico have a number of different papers both coated and uncoated suitable for Direct Mail.
  • Envelope Papers

    Our envelope papers are specifically developed for high speed conversion and filling, narrow reels are a speciality.
  • Flexible Packaging Papers

    Papico have a range of papers for the many different demands of the flexpack market.
  • Graphical Papers

    A wide range of papers from many of our mills ensures we can cover most requirements in the graphical papers sector including reels and sheets, folio and cut sizes.
  • Poster Paper

    This specialist market demands papers that print in sheet form, for offset and screen, digital reels, inkjet and UV, Papico offer qualities in each of these areas.
  • Recycled Papers

    With more and more demand for environmentally friendly papers, Papico can meet most requirements with a full range of high grade 50% and 100% uncoated recycled papers and boards.
  • Security Papers

    Papico can offer a range of papers with different Security features e.g. Watermarks, visible and invisible fibres, planchettes and UV Dull Papers amongst others.
  • Siliconising Base Paper

    A range of papers suitable for silicon coating from 37gsm to 135gsm.
  • Wet Glue Label Paper

    As UK agents for Brigl & Bergmeister, Papico offer a full range of 1/S coated wet glue label papers. Zuber Rieder mill compliment this range with many different uncoated qualities developed specifically for the wines, spirits and soft drinks markets.