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Envelope Papers


Papico is the answer to all your paper needs. We source the finest quality envelope papers from the best Paper Mills in the UK and Europe. Our envelope papers are specifically developed for high speed conversion and filling, narrow reels are a specialty.

Our envelope papers are sourced to ensure they are the most cost-effective and high quality products available. Our stringent criteria ensure a range of requirements can be met depending upon customer requirements. We offer the utmost customization in every aspect of the paper including the composition of the paper as well as colour and a range of attributes. Our recycled range is comprehensive to ensure a paper that suits both budget and environmental responsibilities can be selected.

We make sure our Envelope Papers fulfill the following important criteria:

  • Adequately strong to protect its contents during transport.
  • Excellent printability to enable branding and presentation in business communication.
  • Meet your Requirements for Recycled Envelope Papers
  • Consistent and punctual supply of paper
  • Competitive pricing to give you an edge over your competitors.

Papico ensures the paper we source is manufactured under stringent environmental friendly guidelines. We care as much for the environment as we care for our customers.

We supply the following types of Envelope paper
(here are more options in Packaging Paper supply)

  • Envelope Papers - Recycled