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Security Papers

Security Papers

Papico can offer a range of papers with different Security features e.g. Watermarks, visible and invisible fibres, planchettes and UV Dull Papers amongst others.

Security paper is a paper that incorporates a number of features to allow the document to be authenticated as original and to make it harder to duplicate and reproduce. Security paper is most commonly used in currency and official documents but can also be used for a wide range of other purpose.

A number of techniques can be employed using security paper to ensure authenticity. Watermarks are small faint images which are created by variations in the paper density meaning to recreate the watermark, the same paper must be used. Another popular technique is micro printing which prints text, usually too small to read, making the reproduction very hard on most printing hardware. Phosphorescent inks are often also used to print features of the document that can only be viewed in UV light. Although these features are the most common, a wide range of security methods can be used to reduce the likelihood of counterfeit documents in any combination.