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Wet Glue Label Paper

Wet Glue Label Paper

As UK agents for Brigl & Bergmeister, Papico offer a full range of 1-side clay coated wet glue label papers. B&B manufacture paper qualities developed specifically for the beers, wines, spirits, water and soft drinks markets. These can be applied in the traditional cut and stack method, one by one, or on reel to reel systems as are common in non-alcoholic beverage packaging.

The label papers are available in standard, wet strength, embossed and high gloss version to cover all technical and marketing requirements of the end user. As well as this market, these labels can be suited to a wide variety of other applications, such as box covering, lamination, food wrapping and interleaving.

Wet glue labelling differs from self-adhesive labelling whereby the label is applied as part of the packaging process. The adhesives used are usually starch and water based adhesives. These can be cold (water-based) or high temperature (hot melt) adhesives. This process, in comparison to using a self-adhesive labelling system, is much more efficient as labels can be applied at a much higher rate than its self-adhesive counterpart (Up to 80,000 bottles per hour).